Google announced that it will make Google Meet freely available to everyone, and although you will not be able to schedule free calls immediately, but Google allows access to the application for all users free and gradually, starting next week, it may take a few weeks before it Everyone can access it.

Free accounts after September are limited to meetings that do not take more than 60 minutes, but until then, you can chat as you like, keeping in mind that the only other real limit is that meetings cannot have more than 100 participants.

The free version of Google Meet will ask you to create a free Google account, and free accounts will be limited to meetings that do not take more than 60 minutes, but Google has said that it will not charge this limit until after September 30.

Google will start rolling out its free version of Google Meet in early May, as everyone will be able to use the video chat service on the web through, and on the mobile apps for iOS or Android.

To subscribe to the free edition, go to the Google Meet page, then enter your name, email, country and primary use of the service, personal, commercial, educational or government, then agree to the Google Terms of Service and click Submit. You will then receive a notification when the service is ready to use, and once available The free version of the service you will be able to use by following the instructions below:

  • Go to, open the app on iOS or Android, or start a meeting from Google Calendar.
  • Click Start a new meeting, or enter your meeting code.
  • Choose the Google account you want to use.
  • Click Join Meeting, and you will also have the ability to add other people to your meeting.

Source : Google Meet

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