LinkedIn seeks to facilitate more opportunities for freelancers with the expansion of its services marketplace, which relies heavily on its lists of “services” for profiles, designed to better empower brands and freelancers. connect.

As you can see in the images above, with the latest additions from LinkedIn, users who add a list of services to their profile can now benefit from advanced discovery, with new recommendation tools, search filters and more that will help business owners narrow down their needs. from independent providers.

LinkedIn has also streamlined its freelance sign-in process by ensuring that once someone finds out about your service page, they can immediately submit a service request without needing to sign in or follow you.

Which is a significant improvement, which will essentially open up its freelance lists to a much larger audience and make it easier to connect through the tool.

On top of that, LinkedIn also added a new dashboard for service providers to help them keep tabs on their various queries and requests:

When you create a service page, you now have a dashboard to manage project requests and posts directly from LinkedIn. No need to manage different communication channels. And we will send you notifications if any new requests or new messages arrive.

The new dashboard will also include a “Reviews Status” item, where users can manage customer reviews that appear on their services page.

The update is one of many new work login features announced by LinkedIn, which also seeks to facilitate more flexible work settings in job queries, via new ‘Remote’, ‘Hybrid’ filters. and “On Site” in its Job Search and Open to Work Features, while also adding new company page summaries for job seekers to provide more information on workforce policies. work (including vaccination requirements and other information about returning to the office).

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