Apple is constantly improving the operating system iOS 13, and the latest system boost came with the iOS 13.4 update, which included some new features, including: sharing iCloud folders with other people, new Memoji stickers, CarPlay support for external navigation apps, And much more.

Here are 7 hidden features in the update for iPhone IOS 13.4:

  1. Keep on battery life:
  2. Keeping the iPhone connected to the charger for extended periods of time after charging ends can affect battery life over time, but iOS 13 includes a new feature called Optimized battery charging, which helps you extend battery life by knowing the charging habits, and preventing the battery from reaching To 100% of the freight.

    If you charge your phone during your sleep period, when this feature is activated, the phone will stop charging when it reaches 80%, and finish charging the remaining 20% ​​shortly before the alarm rings in the morning.

  3. New slider in Safari:
  4. When you browse the web through a Safari browser, a new scroll bar will appear on the right side of the screen, and instead of using it as an easy way to locate you inside the page, you can now use it to scroll faster.

    You can try it by starting scrolling within the web page, then long pressing and scrolling the slider up or down. The faster you pull, the faster scrolling in the browser.

  5. Scan documents in the Files app:
  6. The Files app now allows you to scan documents and save them directly to your device or in the cloud storage quickly.

  7. Search within previous iMessage:
  8. Finding previous messages in the iMessage app has always been difficult, but this is now easier as you can search for a word or phrase within messages, and the results will be shown to you immediately.

  9. Use the voice search feature within Apple applications:
  10. Wherever you find a search bar in Apple’s own apps, you’ll now notice a microphone icon on the far right side of the search bar, and by clicking on this microphone you can search for whatever you want with your voice, rather than having to type.

  11. Share photos with or without location information:
  12. The photos you take on an iPhone include the location data that was taken in it, but in the new update, you can delete the location information from the photos when you share them directly from the photo application via social media, email or messages.

  13. Take long screenshots of websites:
  14. If you ever had to take multiple screenshots of one webpage in order to capture the entire article text, you would be happy to know that the Screen Capture tool in iOS 13.4 update includes a new feature that allows you to take one long photo of the entire article.

Source : Apple

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