Two Paris Public Assistance-Hospitals (AP-HP) have tested Gi Genius, a device for the early detection of colorectal cancer based on artificial intelligence. This tool was designed by Cosmo Pharmaceuticals, an Irish company specializing in gastrointestinal disorders.

so colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer in women and third in men, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Gi Genius would have three levels of intelligence :

“Theoretically, this is the first pragmatic irruption of AI in endoscopy,” says Robert Benamouzig. According to him, this device is only a beginning. Gi Genius would have “three levels of intelligence” possible.

The first, already reached, is the aid to the detection. The second level is that of characterization and the last is the proposition of a diagnosis to the health professional. “Tomorrow, it is these bands of images that will describe the natural history of phenomena”, projects the Professor. To reach this final level, the use of patient medical data will be essential via the AP-HP Health Data Warehouse (EDS).

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