New second quarter data from Synergy Research Group shows that Amazon (AWS) and Alibaba are clearly the cloud market leaders in the APAC region, based on quarterly revenue.

Amazon is the leader in four of APAC’s five sub-regions, while Alibaba has a strong lead in China and is also well positioned in the rest of East Asia, South and South Asia. -East and Oceania. Microsoft is ranked second in three of the subregions, has a strong position in Japan, and ranks third in the overall APAC region. The other top-ranked cloud service providers are either global players with a position in multiple markets – Google and IBM – or companies with a strong position in their home markets.

Besides Alibaba, the other five online service providers in China are all local companies, while Fujitsu and NTT are well placed in Japan, Naver and KT have a strong presence in South Korea and Telstra is a challenger in the Australian market. China is by far the largest market in the region, which allows Tencent and Baidu to be among the leaders in the region. While all of the sub-regions are experiencing strong growth, South and South-East Asia has the highest growth rate, largely thanks to India.

APAC’s revenue from cloud infrastructure services topped $ 9 billion in the second quarter and is growing by more than 40% annually. Public IaaS is by far the largest segment in the region, followed by public PaaS and managed private cloud services. Public IaaS also experienced the highest growth rate in the quarter, although public managed clouds also have a strong presence due to the particularly high growth in VPC services and bare metal clouds.

The APAC region is not yet a third of the global market, but it is growing much faster than regional markets in North America or EMEA. After China, the region’s largest national markets are Japan, India, Australia and South Korea.

Source : Synergy

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