Microsoft plans to improve the way the computer is installed or updated on Windows 10; and it seems that the company is now ready to give Windows 10 computers and tablets a feature; available since 2011 on Mac devices.

The company revealed through Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18950 that it was testing a new feature called “cloud download” “Cloud download” relating to PC reset or refresh. . Although the feature is not yet available for public testing; it will probably be similar to Apple’s macOS reinstallation method.

Microsoft recently used a feature similar to Surface’s configuration, allowing devices to recover from the cloud by downloading and reinstalling Windows 10. Microsoft seems to face many different ways to restore the system without problems on several laptops.

Microsoft must ensure that the full technical support is supported by the hardware manufacturers and any important hardware identification software for the functionality to function properly. This feature will gradually appear on devices as soon as it is ready for testing.

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