A large number of technologies and devices rely on certain algorithms. These algorithms are what help computers to perform specific operations in order to reach the desired results. Perhaps DeepMind is one of the most prominent companies working in this field.

DeepMind is one of the most prominent companies owned by Alphabet, the parent company of Google. It is also an integrated laboratory located in the city of London, United States of America.

John Jumper joined the company’s team previously in 2017. His main task was to work on building and developing new algorithms, specifically algorithms for predicting 3D shapes of vital proteins. But he seems to have succeeded in it more than all expectations.

Jumper has a broad scientific background. Which includes sciences such as physics, chemistry and mathematics. This achievement was credited to DeepMind on the one hand, and Jumper and his team on the other.

Last July, scientific papers on this achievement were presented to all. As well as sharing predictions of protein shapes made by the program. This is for all the proteins found in the human body, in addition to the proteins found in the bodies of twenty other organisms.

In the event of a repeat of the Covid-19 virus pandemic, researchers will be able to produce fast and effective drugs, and this is what Gamber said. However, he believes that the most effective use of this new algorithm will be in the treatment of rare diseases as mentioned previously, which are difficult to study and identify.

Perhaps tropical diseases are among the most prominent rare diseases difficult to treat. Jumper also predicted that his new innovation, AlphaFold, would lead to more achievements over the next ten years. He explained that this program helps solve a problem that has existed for more than fifty years.

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