Google security researchers have identified a total of six vulnerabilities in Apple’s iOS operating system, one of which Apple has yet to correct. The report said that the weaknesses were discovered by two researchers in the team to search for errors in Google called (Project Zero).

According to Google, the detected vulnerabilities are “non-interactive”, which means that they are operable without any user intervention, and that they exploit a security vulnerability in iMessage.

Four vulnerabilities, including those not yet corrected by Apple, rely on an attacker sending a message containing malicious code to a non-debugged phone, and the attacker can execute the code as soon as the user opens the message, while the remaining two vulnerabilities depend on memory utilization .

The Google security team released details of Apple’s five weaknesses, with details of the un-corrected security point remaining confidential until Apple could address them.

IPhone users seem to be lucky because these security vulnerabilities have been discovered by security researchers who are not interested in exploiting them for their own benefit, as these errors are invaluable to manufacturers of interceptors and surveillance programs.

Source : blackhat

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