Today, we’re going to showcase a smart home robot called Kiki, developed by Zoetic AI, a company founded by a former Google engineer called Mita Yun, in 2017. This robot is not just a traditional home robot, it is distinguished from other home robots by not performing routine tasks such as: reporting the weather, or stock prices, but rather interacts and adapts to its owner, but rather learns from it and its peers from similar robots as well!

The idea of ​​a Kiki robot is to simulate the behavior of domestic animals, and has been developed using artificial intelligence techniques to learn from and interact with its owner, and thus each robot becomes unique, as it creates its own reactions depending on the behavior of its owner and the individuals around it.

The robot includes many (Touch Sensors), and after you own this robot, it will be able to recognize you, and your feelings, and will express its feelings towards you as well, in addition to that it becomes smarter day after day thanks to its ability to learn from you and its peers in the case of presence Other types of it are in the same home.

The Kiki robot can remember its owner’s face, and distinguish it in low-light conditions two meters away, thanks to the built-in HD camera. It can also distinguish strangers, remember hundreds of faces for other people he sees, in addition to distinguishing sounds and recognizing the surrounding things.

This robot remembers everything that corresponds to it including: the actions that occurred in front of it and connects these verbs with the people who performed them, and accordingly it identifies specific patterns for doing the appropriate reaction for each person.

The developer of this for the Kiki robot launched the project on the famous crowdfunding site Kickstarter in September 2019, and has managed to raise over $ 105,000 so far, and it is now available for reservation at a price of $ 799, and the company will start handing it over to customers during May 2020 with freight support To all over the world.

Source : Zoetic AI

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