Over the past six years, we have seen a lot of redesign attempts by Microsoft on the main interface of the Xbox One operating system, and today there is a new attempt with an important change: removing the Cortana audio helper as an existing virtual assistant within the system.

Now you’ll notice buttons for Xbox Game Pass, Mixer, Microsoft Store and Xbox Community, and Microsoft will put it under the last game section you’ve played. This update focuses on removing the elements that slow down the interface, and Microsoft wants you to turn on the device and start playing as soon as possible.

As well as removing Cortana, some parts and features have been changed, but removing Cortana is not final. If you are already interested in it, you can download a special application from the store.

Microsoft added Cortana to Xbox three years ago to provide a new form of voice commands away from the Kindle. But recently removed Cortana from the address bar in Windows through the latest updates.

Microsoft wants to use the cloud in Cortana for Xbox, which means using it on an application on your smartphone rather than being virtualized with the Xbox operating system.

Source : features of next update

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