Microsoft plans to connect 40 million people worldwide by 2022, initially focusing on rural and remote communities in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa, with other regions to follow.

According to available statistics, nearly half of the world’s population is online as of last year. Although this figure is a positive milestone, the other side of the figure is that there are still billions of people who do not have access to any kind of Internet connection.

The company aims to use a four-part approach that will focus on working with ISPs and communities to build affordable and trustworthy Internet access.

The software giant is lobbying TVWS regulators, which can be reset to provide access to the Internet across a wider region.

Shelley McKinley, head of technology and corporate responsibility at Microsoft, wrote in a post to announce plans : wireless technology or a business model that is best suited to connecting customers in one place or region may not be suitable for connecting customers in another.

She added : Our experience has shown us that there is a need for cooperation between different multi-stakeholder approaches to bridge the communication gap.

The company is currently building Internet access in rural communities across the United States and is currently aiming for high-speed Internet access for more than 9 million people in Iowa; Illinois; Kansas; Nebraska; Oklahoma; and Texas.

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