The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, the famous entrepreneur Elon Musk, tweeted on Thursday that he believed it was time to break up Amazon.

His tweet came after author Alex Berenson posted a tweet in screenshot showing that Amazon had not agreed to his next book on the emerging coronavirus COVID-19; Because it does not comply with its selling guidelines. Berenson was a critic of the closure imposed by the virus, and said he believed the risk of the disease was much lower than reported, especially for young people.

Musk said in his first tweet: “This is crazy, Jeff Bezos.” Then he followed her with another tweet in which he said: “It is time to break up Amazon. Monopolies are wrong! ” As for Amazon, it said later: The book was removed by mistake, it was returned, and it added that it contacted Berninson.

Musk has been a leading critic of US government policy during the coronavirus pandemic. He has posted tweets in which he expressed support for the country’s reopening, and during Tesla’s profit calls with investors, Musk said: Orders to stay at home are fascist.

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