This year, at the annual F8 Developer Conference, Facebook announced Instagram support for a broad range of new features, including a new camera interface design and a new mode called “Create mode” that allows users to easily create content without photos and videos and share Instagram stories.

In addition, Instagram has also supported the development of shopping tools that allows users to purchase products from the app and supports the creation of fundraising campaigns in the app.

The new design of the camera interface includes Create Mode, which gives Instagram users the ability to share without the need for photos or videos. You can write text on a colored background, add posters, or create contests.

Instagram’s new updates include a feature that allows non-profit organizations and foundations to raise funds directly, by sharing a poster to donate stories, so that funders can be raised for a cause.

The shopping option on the Explore tab also lets you shop for your favorite brands without leaving the app.

Source : instagram-press

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