Glassdoor looked at companies that pay the highest salaries in France in 2019, where they looked at the case and went on to compile a list of the top 15 companies in 2019. Technology companies dominate the world rankings with the highest average pay for their employees.

Oracle comes first with the highest salary. SAP, Microsoft and Criteo are the second, third and fourth in the rankings. Nokia ranks fifth. Followed by Sia Partners and then by Capgemini, American General Electric (GE), then Accenture. Amadeus ranks 10th, followed by American DXC Technology, Deloitte, BearingPoint, and finally Wavestone.

Parallel to the programming languages ​​that bring the most money, Scala is primarily found, while its popularity does not exceed 1.2% in 2018. Then the following languages ​​are Ruby, Perl, Swift, Java, Go, Matlab, PHP, Python, JavaScript , TypeScript, C #, and C ++. Finally, at the bottom of the order are VB.NET, VBA, and Delphi.

Source : Glassdoor

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