The misconfiguration of an online database has exposed the personal records of most Ecuadorians, including children, in what is the largest diversion in Ecuadorian history.

The database was discovered by security researchers at vpnMentor and contains nearly 20.8 million user records, a figure larger than the country’s total population, as it includes data of deceased persons.

The database appears to have been obtained from various sources, including government and private databases, where details such as names and information about family members, civil registry data, financial and work information, and vehicle ownership data are available.

The most comprehensive data was the data of the Ecuadorian Government’s civil registry, with the base containing full citizens’ names, birth dates, place of birth, home addresses, marital status, national identification numbers, employment information, telephone numbers and levels of education.

The database is up-to-date, with up-to-date information up to 2019, including records of the president of the country, and even Julian Assange, who had previously been granted political asylum from the small South American country, with a national identity card number.

The database also includes information on children born some of them this spring, with 6.77 million records for children under the age of 18, including children’s names, national identification numbers, place of birth, home addresses and gender.

The exposed database also contains records with short names of private entities, such as BIESS; AEADE, including 7 million financial records, and 2.5 million records with details of car owners and vehicles

BIESS stands for the Bank of the Ecuadorian Social Security Corporation and contains financial information for some Ecuadorian citizens, such as the status of the account; the account balance; the type of credit; and information about the account holder; including job details. AEADE stands for the Association of Automobile Companies of Ecuador and contains information about car owners and their vehicles, including models; and car license plates.

Source : zdnet

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