The year 2019 witnessed many developments in the smart phone industry, and most of these developments were just a prelude to the new trends that will dominate the phones during 2020, and it is assumed that the phones expected to be launched during this year such as: Galaxy S11 and Huawei P40 Pro radically change the industry Phones.

During the year 2019 foldable phones appeared: Galaxy Fold, Mate X, Motorola Razr, 5G phones that can provide high speeds, batteries that last longer and support fast charging, operating systems have supported stronger features, audio assistance has become more intelligent, and sensors have also been integrated New in phone cameras such as: Radar sensor in Pixel 4 phones.

We are expected to see major updates to these features during 2020 especially regarding stronger cameras, large screens with higher refresh rates to give you smoother graphics, as well as the launch of more 5G phones, and greater visibility for foldable phones.

Here are the 6 main trends that will dominate smartphones during 2020:

  1. 5G phones will become more popular
  2. The evolution of design of foldable phones
  3. The development of photography capabilities in phones
  4. Screens with higher refresh rates
  5. Improved the fast charging feature
  6. High prices of leading phones
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