The CES 2020 exhibition was launched, where the new technical community receives the largest technical event in the world, the Consumer Electronics Show known as the CES, which shows everything new in the field of technology, and this year is due to provide a glimpse of the phones Smart future, which will appear for the first time in the exhibition.

The exhibition is held every year in the beginning of January – from January 7 to Friday 10 January – at the Las Vegas Exhibition Center in the United States of America, and it is expected that more than 4000 companies and more than 175,000 people will attend this year.

The biggest surprise of the show this year is the emergence of Apple after an absence of 28 years, as Jane Hovarth, director of the company’s global privacy division, will participate in a panel discussion on consumer privacy, which will be attended by executives from major technology companies. This marks Apple’s first official appearance at CES since 1992, indicating that it is moving toward prioritizing security above all else.

Here are the 6 main trends expected to dominate CES 2020:

  1. Subscription-based services:
  2. Technical services flourished during 2019, with Apple, Disney and Google ranked first in services during 2019 thanks to the provision of subscription-based broadcast and gaming services that included: Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus, Google Stadia, and Apple Arcade, and there was further expansion In the new services provided by startups.

    Subscription-based services such as: TV broadcasting services, games, online safety and privacy protection and others have become part of our daily lives, so these services are expected to take center stage this year among technology companies showcasing their innovations at CES 2020, given that Services and subscriptions are a more sustainable business model than physical products.

  3. Technologies adapted to human uses:
  4. Voice aid over time confirms the idea that technology is mixing in our lives more deeply. Two decades ago, the way we deal with technology and the Internet world was with the mouse, keyboard, and screen, but over the past decade it has become easier through smart phones, while now We bypass computers and phones and begin the control phase via voice commands.

    Voice aids like: Google Assistant, Alexa from Amazon, and Siri from Apple have become smarter thanks to relying on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, and the gesture control feature has appeared in Google’s Nest Hub Max.

    So most technologies are expected to focus on users who want to learn and adapt to technology, be it cars, computers, phones, or remote controls, and UltraSense can make a difference in 2020 CES by providing what might turn all Types of traditional surfaces to touch screens, and of course the wearable devices such as: smart watches and connected clothing will have a prominent presence in the exhibition.

  5. Health technologies:
  6. Privacy and security:
  7. There is always a lot of controversy about the ways technology companies deal with user data and not doing enough to maintain security and privacy, but it seems we have reached a turning point where a large number of people and companies have turned to privacy and security.

    Therefore, CES 2020 includes many sessions where major companies will discuss security and privacy issues, most notably the session that will be attended by Apple in the first days of the exhibition.

  8. 5G networks:
  9. Although the most prominent announcements about 5G networks will be at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2020, which will be held in Barcelona, ​​Spain, in late February, where the leading companies in the field of smart phones and telecommunications companies will review everything that is new to them – However, it is impossible not to find the impact of 5G networks at CES 2020. The biggest concern will be the changes that will occur due to 5G.

    We are expected to see the impact of 5G networks on Internet of Things technologies and self-driving cars, of course there will be some examples of their impact in the areas of health care, transportation, energy and public safety, but most of these cases still have years after 5G becomes more viable and more famous.

  10. New 8K smart TVs:
  11. Source : CES 2020

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