1. Cryonics :
    • Cryonics may seem very sci-fi (to be fair, everything in this story does), but it already exists. There are companies that freeze you as soon as you die, so you can be brought back to life when technology and medicine will be advanced enough.
  2. Personal Decision-Makers :
    • Do you ever sit in your room, pondering a decision for hours? Do you ever regret decisions? Do you ever make a good decision but you don’t enjoy it because you think of what you have lost by not choosing the alternatives


    • Google and Facebook know you more than you know yourself. If optimal decisions are those that act in your best interest, isn’t it obvious to think that these companies will one day make decisions for you?
    • You won’t need to make decisions anymore: AI will make every decision for you, like which job to take, which person to date, what to eat for lunch.
  3. Artist AI:
    • It won’t be long before AI will be used to create art better than humans. While most people claim that art should only be a human thing, because machines lack a “soul” or a “personality”, in some cases they can’t tell whether a piece of art has been created by a human or a machine. In other words, GANs have passed the art Turing Test.
  4. Nanites :

    • Nanites are nano-robots that one day will surround us everywhere. They would be too small to be visible (unless they are in swarms), but they would be everywhere. They would be in the air, in the water, on the surfaces, in our food, in our bodies, in our urine and feces.
  5. Designer Babies :

    • A designer baby is a baby who has been artificially created by genetic code manipulation.
    • The purpose of designer babies is to create genetically strong humans, without diseases and with the desired features. You can build a tall, smart, kind, athletic kid without having to rely on the randomness of the genetic lottery.
  6.  Immersive Reality and Brain-Computer Interfaces:

    • You may be familiar with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). What you may be less familiar with are Immersive Reality (IR) and Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI).
    • IR consists of immersing you into another reality by injecting that reality into your brain. In other words, it directly manipulates your brain waves to create experiences.
    • BCIs are the interfaces that allow for this manipulation. Imagine that you can reprogram your brain. Since the brain is the source of, well, pretty much everything you experience, having control over it can be very powerful.
    • With BCIs, you could not only immerse yourself into another reality, but also suppress your fears, change your personality, read 1,000 books in one second, communicate telepathically with other people, control robots (including nanites), control connected objects telekinetically, and get many other sci-fi superpowers.
  7. Mind Upload:

    • Take the previous point, and stretch it to the extreme. You don’t just immerse yourself into another reality, you take your bags and move there.
    • In the Upload world, people can choose, instead of dying, to upload their minds into a virtual afterlife.
  8. Artificial General Intelligence:

    • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is the last invention we will ever need to make. An AGI is an AI that, like humans, can learn anything, not just one specific task like current AIs.

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