Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing rapidly and is causing a lot of concern in the world of work, so that studies on this subject are increasing. For some, AI can never really replace humans and will remain just an assistant, and fears about its negative impact on jobs are exaggerated. Others fear that job losses or career reorientation failures. Billionaire Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, siding with the latter, thinks that the rise of artificial intelligence could make even software engineers less in demand.

Bill Gates, the American billionaire, co-founder of Microsoft, estimated in January 2018 in an interview with Fox Business, that AI will take charge of certain tasks and will make man more efficient at work with more time free. But technologist Jack Dorsey says software engineers may find themselves out of work because artificial intelligence will soon write its own software. Dorsey thinks this will put some new software engineers in a difficult situation.

According to Dorsey, “We talk a lot about self-driving trucks” when we discuss how automation will replace jobs held by humans, he said Dorsey to the former Democratic candidate for the American Presidency Andrew Yang in an episode of the podcast “Yang Speaks” published last Thursday. But in addition to these changes brought about by the development of AI, which will affect jobs like drivers, truck drivers, the technology also comes “for programming jobs,” said Dorsey.

While software engineers tend to have well-paid jobs and are in high demand, the CEO of Twitter told Yang, “A large part of the goals of machine learning and deep learning is to write the software itself. even over time, so a lot of first-level programming jobs just won’t be as relevant anymore. ”

Currently, the software engineer is the seventh best job in the United States for 2020, according to a ranking by the Glassdoor job website, with a median base salary of $ 105,563 (ranking is based on a combination of factors including salary, job satisfaction, number of job openings and more), reported CNBC.

Speaking during the podcast to Yang, who is a defender of the universal basic income, or UBI, Dorsey even mentioned these free cash payments for this category of workers. Dorsey said that universal basic income could be a “floor” on which people could stand if they lost their income due to automation. Monthly allowance could provide displaced workers with “peace of mind” that will allow them “to eat and feed their children while they learn to transition to this new world” by acquiring new skills, he said. he declares.

However, he also added that the UBI is not an excuse not to work, but rather a lifeline. However, some people do not agree with him. Critics say the UBI is above all expensive, but also that it discourages people from having a job, which takes away their sense of purpose in society.

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