Google has addressed the issue of gender bias in translations made using its Google Translate tool. For several years, the latter has not offered the same result according to gender.

    1. Avoiding gender bias with a new approach

Over the years, Google has put together a list of principles that it promises to apply when working on products related to artificial intelligence.Avoiding gender bias is part of this initiative, which is why the American firm wanted to improve translations in this way on Google Translate.Already used for translating from English to Turkish,this new approach has been extended to translations from English to Spanish,the two most popular languages ​​on Google Translate.


Now, artificial intelligence displays the two translations, specifying whether it is the female or male version. Before, this one brought a specific translation of the kind.


Melvin Johnson, senior software engineer at Google Research, said,”We have made significant progress since our initial launch by increasing the quality of gender-specific translations and extending it to four additional language pairs.We are committed to continuing the fight against gender bias in Google Translate and we plan to extend this work to document-level translation.”


In the same logic, Google improved its Smart Compose functionality in November 2018. On Gmail, it suggests words and sentences to the user to allow him to write content more quickly.

Following its deployment, the American firm announced the elimination of gender pronouns to avoid errors and, once again, the gender bias sometimes resulting from the use of artificial intelligence.


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