In an article published on its website, Huawei launches its Ascend 910 artificial intelligence processor, as well as a new artificial intelligence framework, MindSpore. The processor specifications had already been announced at its flagship event in 2018, Huawei Connect.

The Ascend 910 is a new artificial intelligence processor belonging to the company’s Ascend-Max series. After a year of development, the test results now show that the Ascend 910 processor reaches its performance targets with much lower power consumption than originally planned.

Eric Xu, president of Huawei, said “Ascend 910 gives much better results than expected,” and adds “Without a doubt, it has more computing power than any other artificial intelligence processor in the world. ”

In parallel with this project, Huawei launched MindSpore, a development framework for artificial intelligence applications in all scenarios. The goal is to dramatically reduce training time and costs and use as few resources as possible.

According to the company, support for all scenarios is essential to enable secure and ubiquitous artificial intelligence. It is a key component of the MindSpore framework, which can easily adapt to different deployment needs. In addition, MindSpore incorporates model protection technology that ensures model security and reliability.

The company also claims that in a typical neural network for natural language processing, MindSpore contains 20% fewer lines of core code than the leading frameworks in the market and allows developers to increase their efficiency by at least 50 %.

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