Until recently, the process of copying notes and conversations was very boring, by recording it on an external sheet and then sitting in front of the computer to write it, but there are now a lot of Online Transcription Services that you can use to convert audio recordings into texts.

Most of the existing TTS services are classified into 3 types :

  1. Using computers : This type is entirely computer-based, as it uses existing Artificial Intelligence technologies and machine learning to handle conversations, such as: services provided by Google, Apple, and Otter.ai.
  2. Human-dependent : This method includes the use of dedicated platforms, such as: Rev to connect customers with a group of copyists approved, and can also use a separate person from platforms such as: Upwork or Fiverr.
  3. Which adopts a mixture of computer and human processing : This type of service relies on AI algorithms to do the basic job, and then someone arranges the text and fixes any errors.

Poorly exploit speech-to-text services

In recent years, many companies providing Speech to text services have been exposed to a lot of scandals and data breaches. The most famous and oldest is SpinVox, which provided a revolutionary in-time service for converting voicemail messages into SMS messages, and quickly attracted many customers.

But it was discovered that the company is deceiving its customers by processing their voicemail messages by people working from offices in places such as: Pakistan, Mauritius, and South Africa. Where it turned out that the company took only 2% of voicemail messages and processed them automatically, while it dealt with the rest of the messages and processed them manually by about 10,000 independent workers.

In 2018, cyber security journalist (Brian Krebs) discovered a major breach of MEDantex servers providing text-to-speech services for medical professionals, sensitive medical data and records were leaked, some dating back to 2007 and the data was made available for free download as Word files.

In 2019, the Belgian news website VRT NWS discovered that Google contractors secretly listened to their voice assistant records even that one of the contractors helped the site access the conversations, many of which were of a very sensitive nature.

Other reports during 2019 revealed that companies such as Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are also using contractors in this way to develop their own voice aids. In other words, someone may listen to your audio recordings with your voice assistant.

Source : gigaom, krebsonsecurity, vrt, theguardian

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