Adobe makes it easy to post videos on all social media platforms with the new Auto Reframe feature supported by AI within the Adobe Premiere Pro app.

If a video was to be posted on YouTube, Instagram and Instagram stories, the user had to edit it manually for three different dimensions. This feature helps content creators create videos for different social platforms, reducing the time it takes to create a new version of the video from hours to minutes.

Auto-Crop can automatically identify the main activity that occurs in video and crop and move the frame around the photo so that it is proportional to different proportions, such as square or vertical videos.

Auto Reframe is one of the effects that can be applied to Adobe Premiere Pro calendars. It uses Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligence platform and the machine-learning engine to automate the tasks of the Creative Cloud suite.

Users can choose from three motion presets: (Slow Motion), (Default) and (Faster Movement) to allow the algorithm to know the amount of motion expected in the video.

The effect produces motion keyframes that track the activity of the video content, which can also be adjusted manually, and resizes the text relative to the display format, thus allowing video editors to save a lot of time.

Adobe adds more features to its Creative Cloud applications, taking into account social networking platforms.

The company has designed Premiere Rush CC, the free mobile version of Premiere Pro, including content creators on YouTube, and offers enhanced export options for various social networks, such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.

Source : Adobe

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