Amazon has announced that its face recognition system called Rekognition can now detect a sense of fear by reading a person’s face. Rekognition provides a comprehensive set of tools for face detection, analysis and recognition in photos and videos, and is one of many services provided by Amazon to developers as part of the cloud infrastructure (AWS).

The system uses artificial intelligence to learn from the data it processes, and can be used (Rekognition) to analyze the face or analysis of emotions, so that the system identifies different expressions and anticipates emotions from images of people’s faces.

Technology giant Amazon has unveiled new updates to the controversial system, which include improved accuracy and functionality of facial analysis features, such as sex determination, emotions, and age range.

AI researchers have invested a lot of resources to try to read a person’s feelings by analyzing facial features, movements, sound and more. Some technology companies involved in this area include: Microsoft; Affectiva; and Kairos.

The availability of facial recognition technology has raised concerns about its potential use in surveillance and the possibility of its intrusion on privacy, and Amazon’s technology called Rekognition has been the subject of controversy for use by law enforcement agencies.

Amazon reportedly sold the system to the US Immigration and Customs Administration (ICE), but the company did not acknowledge whether it had partnered with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Authority to use the program.

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Source : Amazon

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