Researchers from the International Institute of Computer Science in California (ICSI) have discovered that up to 1325 Android applications within the Google Play store are capable of secretly tracking people. Serge Egelman, director of ICSI security and privacy research, presented the study in late June at the Federal Trade Commission’s PrivacyCon event.

These applications have the ability to avoid restrictions and collect personal data, such as precise geographical location, without user knowledge, even though they do not have an ear.

According to the study, there are many applications that are able to find hidden ways and solutions within Android to bypass the permissions system and overcome the user’s refusal to grant permissions. The study found that the number of potential users affected by these results amounts to hundreds of millions.

The researchers said: They told Google the problem last September, as well as the Federal Trade Commission, but will not issue a reform until Google launches the next version of the Android system now called (Android Q).

Source : Study

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