Apple has issued a warning to millions of iPhone and iPad users about a malfunction of iOS 13 and iPadOS due to third-party keyboards.

The warning comes after the company released updates (iOS 13.1) and (iPadOS 13.1), who brought many fixes to the problems not corrected in the systems (iOS 13) and (iPadOS 13).

Apple confirms through an official security blog that both (iOS 13.1) and (iPadOS 13.1) include a flaw that enables third-party keyboards to have full access to iPhone and iPad devices even if the user does not agree to this access.

Apple says that the problem does not affect the official keyboard of the operating system (iOS), the technology giant said : This error affects third-party keyboards that have the ability to request full access permissions.

The company promised that the next OS update will resolve the issue, but did not provide details of when the update will arrive, and accordingly, users can expect malicious iOS keyboards to try to make the most of the flaw.

Third-party keyboards were very popular in iOS, because the official iOS keyboard was heavily limited – until the release of iOS 13.

Although the iPhone manufacturer did not explicitly mention the affected iOS version, it is clear that all current versions are affected given that the security post states that the issue will be resolved soon in the next software update for the operating system.

If the user wants to know which third-party keyboards are installed on their device, they should go to Settings, then General, then Keyboard, Keyboards, and uninstall the questionable keyboard until Apple’s repair arrives.

Apple prevents third-party developers from registering user passwords by always switching to the default iOS (iOS) keyboard in password fields even when using external keyboards for everything else.

Source : Apple

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