1. What is artificial intelligence?
        • AIs are very powerful computer programs. They do things that only a human brain, it was believed, could do. For example, some computers invent texts and converse with humans.


        • Machines capable of adapting to what is going on around them. They store huge amounts of data and can analyze it very quickly. They can thus solve very complicated problems and propose solutions.


        • AI mimics the way men think, speak or look. Today they do certain tasks better than they do. Detect a disease on a radio, take a photo or play chess, for example.


        • AI improves on its own. They are different from traditional computers, like the ones we have at home. These must be programmed to follow specific orders. Artificial intelligences learn by themselves. They improve by training, without being asked.


    2. Artificial intelligence is everywhere
        • Artificial intelligence doesn’t necessarily look like robots. These are computer systems. They can also be found in a car, cell phone, computer or drone.


        • In the military: a military vehicle equipped with AI is capable, without a pilot, of identifying a target. He selects the most effective ammunition and responds to shots faster than a human.


        • In a video game: the AI ​​reacts to what the player chooses to do. It adapts the backgrounds, dialogues and reactions of the characters on the screen so that they appear realistic.


        • On a mobile phone: a phone equipped with an AI starts only if it recognizes the face of its owner. We ask him questions and give him orders. The phone offers solutions.


        • In medicine: AI helps doctors diagnose illnesses. On patients’ radios, scanners or MRIs, it spots very useful information that cannot be detected with the naked eye.


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