South Korea is heading to the use of an artificial intelligence software camera capable of detecting possible crime in the capital, Seoul this year, and the South Korean capital Seocho and the Electronics and Communications Research Institute (ERTI), a national research institute, said they would install 3,000 cameras in the region by July.

The cameras are supposed to use an artificial intelligence program that is able to manipulate pedestrian patterns, time, and behavior to measure the probability of a crime, and the cameras will automatically measure whether someone is walking normally or tracking someone, and the camera also detects what passers-by wears, such as hats or masks Or glasses, and what they carry with them, such as bags or dangerous things that have a strong potential to be used for a crime.

The cameras also study whether the time is day or night, so the camera uses this information to infer the probability of a crime, and if the rate exceeds a certain rate, the cameras will alert the county office and nearby police stations to send individuals to the site.

The Seocho Institute in the South Korean capital and the Electronics and Communications Research Institute ERTI are planning to analyze 20,000 court rulings and crime snapshots to infer crime patterns in order to equip and save the AI ​​program, and the cameras will be able to compare whether what is currently being photographed matches Previous crime patterns.

The Artificial Intelligence Program is still under development and the full version will be completed by 2022, ETRI said, adding that potential cameras will eventually be expanded to include other areas in Seoul in addition to other provinces, and the institute is also developing redefining programs for people To be used with sexual offenders with an electronic anklet.

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