Many users prefer to activate the dark mode feature in smartphones at the level of the operating system or applications, as it makes everything look much better than the lighting mode, as it is comfortable for the eye, especially when reading long articles, in addition to reducing the drain on the phone battery.

Does dark mode reduce phone battery consumption?

According to recent research published by Purdue University, researchers found that dark mode makes a noticeable difference in battery life only in certain scenarios.

And if the brightness feature is enabled by default, this would reduce battery consumption by between 30 to 40 percent most of the time.

Activating this mode saves an average of 3 to 9 percent in phones that have an OLED screen.

This percentage is so small that most users will not even notice the low level of battery power consumption. But the lower the brightness when switching between modes, the greater the energy savings.

For example when someone is sitting outside watching a football match on a bright and sunny day. And his phone has an OLED screen and the automatic lighting feature is activated. The phone screen is likely to be too bright. And if the phone uses the adjusted brightness feature automatically, this will consume the battery significantly.

Automatic brightness adjustment to increase battery life

According to the study, when the screen brightness is set to 100 percent with dark mode activated, this would save between 39 to 47 percent.

This means that when this mode is activated while the screen is bright. The battery life lasts much longer compared to staying in the light mode.

It found that setting the brightness to 20 percent in light mode when using the Google News app on the Pixel 5 used the same amount of battery power compared to setting the brightness to 50 percent in dark mode.

So if you find that dark mode is right for you but need higher brightness for better visibility. You don’t have to worry about the brightness level you adjust because it doesn’t significantly affect the phone’s battery life.

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