Due.work is a freemium tool, which allows you to plan, manage and organize your daily projects and tasks. The goal: to simplify the organization of your work to focus on strategic decisions.

The Due.work tool has a modern interface with a sleek design. Thanks to its overview, you can see at a glance the progress of your projects, what you have to do for yourself and the other members of your team, as well as the priority subjects.

Choice of templates depending on your activity

You are new to Due.work and you do not want to waste time creating the design of your project from A to Z? Different templates are available to you:

  • From Scratch
  • Simple Todo / Task Tracking
  • Sprint Planning / Agile
  • Bug Tracking

Sales and marketing, community management, software development … The tool also adapts to your activity and offers you dedicated templates. For the same task, Due.work also offers you three different views, in list mode, in the form of a dashboard or in the form of a timeline, so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

Among other features, you will be able to communicate with the other members of your team, via a chat included in the tasks. A timeline allows you to view the progress of your project and respect your deadlines.

Regardless of your subscription type, you have unlimited users, as well as access to all your projects and workspaces will be unrestricted – even with a free offer. If you want to access the timeline, you will have to opt for one of the two paid formulas.


Source : due.work

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