Agile methods allow organization of work to make teams involved in the project very productive. It was noted that in many companies that were said to use graceful roads in their projects there were serious shortcomings that would not exist if the graceful roads were adopted correctly.

In fact, despite the intention of companies to adopt graceful methods, they sometimes have to because of some difficulties to work in a way that does not look like a graceful way of working at all.

These techniques include developing a product in its best form and placing it as quickly as possible in the hands of real users so that they can test and express their opinions. In fact, some business leaders do not realize this and it is a challenge for other leaders.

Effective working methods are based on people with deep experience in an area, their overall interests and willingness to learn in many other areas of expertise. But there are people who are committed to only one area of ​​experience by refusing to learn or to contribute to another field.

Source : QZ

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