PUBG Mobile has announced the expansion of its world-class Play Time Management system to 10 additional countries in the Middle East to encourage players to enjoy a balanced gaming experience and a sustainable lifestyle that continues to grow and attract a larger base of gaming enthusiasts In the region.

Hemo King, one of the Middle East’s leading players, welcomed the launch of the Play Time Management System. He said “I think this feature is very useful for children who continue to play this game for hours and I think the impact of this initiative will be positive on their daily routines and the time they spend playing. This initiative is a very positive and positive step taken by PUBG Mobile to provide a tool to help achieve this”.

All players will have to confirm their age to activate the Play Time Management system when the game is updated to version 13.5. Players under the age of 18 must get a game consultation before they can start playing.

The Play Time Management system includes reminders and check-out for players to ensure they enjoy the games of the PUBG Mobile in a sustainable and balanced way. The system enables players to control their digital lifestyle while playing the game on the Internet.

As one of the first interactive entertainment providers using the Play Management System worldwide, PUBG Mobile is committed to providing a better gaming environment and will connect with local players, parents, organizers and e-sports communities to further enhance the system.

Source : Aitnews

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