At its annual Google I / O 2019 Developer Conference last week, Google announced a massive restructuring of the Smart Home product group to become the Google Nest. Existing users of Nest smart heat regulators, security cameras, and other products will be forced to transfer their information to a Google Account.

Nest, when it was acquired by Google in 2014 for $ 3.2 billion, had pledged to keep data collected from its users separately from other Google services. But a group of users and experts said that this step gives them less control over the future of their data on Nest devices and therefore their privacy is at risk. Google warns them that if Nest users choose not to create a Google Account, they will lose services and future updates.

“We strongly recommend that all our users migrate the account to Google, and having one account will enable Nest and Google Home devices to work more smoothly,” Nest said in an article to talk about the shift. “For example, if you have a Nest heat regulator and Google Home, you can say, Google, make the weather warmer, ” to raise the temperature without further steps.

Source : Google

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