Facebook is introducing a professional mode for profiles, allowing content creators to take advantage of additional monetization tools.

The new mode also gives creators access to features that help track the growth of their audience, something previously only available with Pages.

The professional profile allows content creators to participate in the Reels Play Rewards Program. Reels, Instagram’s short video feature, became available on Facebook in September.

The rewards program allows creators to earn up to $35,000 per month, all depending on the number of views your Reels videos collect.

However, not all content creators are eligible for the program, and it is by invitation only. Creators must adhere to the Meta Partner monetization policies to qualify.

In addition, Facebook says it is working on more advanced editing features for Reels, such as an easier way to create Reels consisting of multiple clips, as well as the ability to save Reel as a draft while you’re editing.

The platform is also considering extending the length limit for Reels from 30 seconds to 1 minute via Facebook, as it supports Instagram Reels for 1 minute at the moment.

Outside of Reels, Pro mode also unlocks audience, post, and account insights, allowing creators to track any account activity.

Creators can also review the total number of posts, comments and reactions that posts have received and can also see how the number of followers has changed over time.

Facebook introduced the Star Store, a website dedicated to buying stars. It is a virtual currency that users can buy with real money and use to pay creators.

While stars are available for purchase within the Facebook app, stars are now offered at a reduced price within the store.

The platform may try to entice users to buy stars from the online store. And you’ll likely avoid the 30% commission Apple charges for purchases made in third-party apps via iOS.

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