Apple is accused of stealing features and adding them to its iOS operating system, as well as exploiting apps in its long-running app store. According to the Washington Post – which has spoken to a number of developers – Apple has long been cloning features in external applications and add them to its applications and operating system (iOS).

The developers explained their suffering with Apple and its App Store, and how the company’s integration of ideas in its applications and operating system has ruined the creations of developers.

The idea of ​​the application (Clue) is one of the modern features reproduced by Apple, where the technology giant plans to integrate the idea of ​​application in the application of health.

Similarly, Apple has added the ability to use iPads as a second monitor, a feature initially introduced by a popular app called Duet Display.

The fragile relationship between Apple’s developers and the company in relation to its app store has become a source of controversy. Once app ideas or features are borrowed and integrated, this often marks the end of the third-party application.

Developers say Apple’s unique access to some iOS functions, such as Siri, and its power over data in its app store make its practice particularly worrying.

Apple is able to predict trends – by using metrics to see which apps are popular and how much time users spend – allowing the brand to guide the future of its products. Data can also be used to identify emerging threats, and this capability allows the company to acquire the app before it becomes large enough to compete or take developers out of the market.

Although most developers continue to operate under Apple’s rules, some creators with sufficient material resources have begun to challenge what they claim to be anti-competitive monopolistic behavior.

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