Epson designed the first portable laser projector to be as flexible as possible for home users, in terms of ease of use and craftsmanship, as the Epson EF-100W / B is the smallest laser projector from Epson.

The longest edges of the device is 23 cm long and features laser technology that is bright and bright for a long time, all in a compact and lightweight body available in black or white.

The Epson engineers designed the compact projector, which can be positioned and enjoyed in any direction, using a laser light source and locating the ventilation vents and the power inlet on one side.

This gives users more flexibility in deciding where they can display, such as a wall, ceiling or floor, and the projector has a 150-inch display that is perfect for larger content.

The laser light source in daylight provides a bright and vibrant image, so you do not need to turn off the lights, close the windows or even use a screen, and avoid blurring and distorting images using the autofocus feature.

The laser light source lasts for 20,000 hours, which means saving money, so that the projector can be used daily for ten years.

Users can turn on the Welcome Guide to learn how to set up the projector and discover its key features, and can easily navigate through the intuitive interface via the remote control.

Content can be accessed from a phone, tablet, DVD player, game console or laptop with ease when you insert a cable into the HDMI port.

Streaming content is so simple that devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, and Apple TV can be plugged into the socket on the back.

Source : Epson

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