Instagram is one of the social media platforms that has taken over the world in the past ten years, it started as a photo sharing platform with a small description of people who decide to follow your profile.

The Instagram platform has since evolved into a platform that shares photos and videos, has an IGTV status, and with the subsequent developments of the Instagram platform it has come to be seen as something that can help in marketing businesses and products.

Account holders who are followed by a large number of people are known as influencers, as they spend time and effort growing their accounts to the point where they can generate income, but for many, the question remains, How do I grow my Instagram account?

In this article, we will discover 4 tips and tricks to grow your Instagram account in 2020:

  • Use of hashtags:
  • If you are new to the world of social media, the hashtags may seem a little unfamiliar. In 2007, a Twitter user thought of grouping topics together into a message with a hashtag, and while Twitter didn’t take the idea right away, the users did it, which leads us to Where we are in how tags work.

    The hashtags that precede the word or phrase combine everything that is said about it on the results page, for example: If you search for the hashtag #Technical Tips on Instagram, everyone who posted using this hashtag will appear to you as a result. Anyone who uses the hashtag algorithm is good at instant exposure, as it takes a little bit of searching, but you can connect your profile to millions of like-minded people, all with the hashtag.

    When researching the hashtags to grow your profile, you need to look at your personal niches and what you want to achieve. If you own a business and sell a specific product, you will have to look for the most popular hashtags for your business.

  • Monetise instagram account:
  • If you are looking to get your account up and running quickly, but you don’t have time to invest in high-quality content yet, look for a different method. When you market your profile on Instagram, you improve your visibility, and depending on how much you want to grow, it will depend on how much money you invest in gaining followers.

  • Craft the perfect CV:
  • Having an account that doesn’t express what it has to offer will not get people excited in an engaging way, and if you are someone who hasn’t given much thought to your resume, you might want to think again.

    It’s your first point of contact, your business card, and your storefront, and the people who view it will quickly decide whether or not they want to take a look at your profile, a resume is the compelling statement.

    It would be best to clearly explain your profile, brand, or business, and add something that will interest the reader, maybe something funny or interesting, or something that will push the reader more.

  • Use stories:
  • The thing that is an addition to the Instagram platform is the story feature, which allows your followers to easily see, share and interact with what you say, and you can also add e-commerce links.

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