Facebook announced officially launched a feature “clear browsing history” that will harm the company itself in terms of its ability to target users with ads, and this launch comes after a delay of about a year and a half.

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg revealed in May 2018 that the company is building a feature called “Clear History” that allows users to view apps and websites they interacted with and delete that information from their accounts.

To help users solve this problem, Facebook today launched the new feature, which has become a new name is (activity outside Facebook) Off-Facebook Activity. She explained that it allows users to see a summary of all applications, and websites that send to Facebook information about their activity, with the possibility to erase that information from their accounts if they wish to.

Facebook explained that it began to launch the new feature gradually to be the beginning of users in three countries : Ireland, South Korea, Spain. The company promised to continue offering it to users around the world in the coming months, in order to ensure its proper operation.

The company said that if the user wipe his activity outside of Facebook, the network will remove all of its information from the data sent by applications and websites to Facebook. The company confirmed that it will not know the sites visited or what to do in it, nor will it use any data that the user disengaged from Facebook in targeting ads on it, or Instagram, or Messenger.

Source : Facebook

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