Microsoft has hired employees to eavesdrop on the sound recordings of Xbox users talking at home to improve the voice recognition features of the platform, according to a news report.

Motherboard said that the voice heard by the contractors was supposed to be recorded after the Xbox or Hey Coratna voice command, but contractors said the recordings sometimes started and were mistakenly recorded.

The report is the latest in a series of leaks that show that Microsoft has hired people to listen to the sound it records with many of its products. Motherboard has previously reported that Microsoft has allowed contractors to eavesdrop on some Skype messaging calls, as well as voice recorded by digital assistant Cortana.

One former contractor who worked on behalf of Microsoft told Motherboard they worked on audio recordings from Xbox from 2014 to 2015, before Microsoft launched its digital assistant Cortana on the platform in 2016.

Technology companies in the United States are widely criticized by lawmakers and regulators for their privacy practices, especially as they allow humans to eavesdrop on highly personal details.

Microsoft said it had updated its privacy policy to inform customers that it was collecting voice data for its users with the help of its employees, as well as outside contractors. The aim was to enable it to offer voice-based services in both Skype and Cortana.

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