Google Pay gave you 11 additional days to win 30$ for free


When the billion-dollar companies offer to pay you for something that they actually do, seize the opportunity while they’re there. Starting April 12, Google Pay will launch the Spring Challenge, a 10-day contest to perform tasks that will potentially win you a gift of  30$. It’s not easy or straightforward to go to the store every day to buy packages of chewing gum, but it should be easy enough, and you can even help your friends.

At the time of this post, the Spring Challenge is not yet in place, but basic guidelines have already been explained. All you have to do is collect stamps through actions like paying friends, redeeming offers, completing transactions, referring friends, and activating insights on your account. If you reach 5 unique stamps, you will receive a reward of  30$.

google pay

Every day there will be a set of daily actions in the Google Pay app that can be done to earn stamps. The rules make it clear that your to-do list will change every day, and some may require you to do some things more than once to complete it.

However, there are some caveats you should be aware of. First, there is a maximum of 200,000 rewards to be awarded, which means that prizes may run out before the end of the ten days.

To make things even more complicated, it isn’t simply about collecting a total of five stamps, rather you have to collect one from each: Robin, Bear, Alligator, Elk and Fox. Some missions include specific seals while others produce one randomly. Since Google is buried in the terms and conditions, it gives odds for randomly generated stamps, noting that there is a 95% chance for Robin, Bear, and Alligator; And there is only a 5% chance to get an Elk or Fox. This is likely to get users to complete specific actions rather than risk getting them randomly.

If you are really playing a winning game and accumulating more stamps than you need, it is also possible to send extra stamps to your friends. You can only donate copies of the stamps you already have, but if you end up with an extra elk and need a fox, maybe someone else is in the same boat and you can do some trade.

The challenge starts tomorrow and continues until the end of the day (PST) April 22nd. If you haven’t already downloaded the new Google Pay app, you might want to wait for the challenge to begin and have a friend refer you. This may speed up the stamp collection process for one or both of you. Even if you sign up, wait until tomorrow for things like insights and other features to activate, just in case the task can only be completed if it’s your first time doing something.

Active now

The upgrade is running. If you work hard on your free dough, don’t forget to check the Pay app every day. The list of “foolproof” challenge stamps today (some as simple as opening the challenges page) changes every day, and is generally easier than other options. It’s a bit like the daily opening bonus for a free mobile game.

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Time extension

Can’t you complete all Google Pay tasks on time? Just one or two stickers away from a whole bunch (or, let’s be honest, closer to five)?

Don’t worry – Google just decided to give you some extra time to collect the rest of those stamps you’ll need. Instead of expiring today, on April 22, Google Pay is extending this offer until May 3.


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