No one denies that technology has played an essential role in our personal and professional lives and affects everything around us and even the way we live, and every day there is a new technological event or innovation that may continue and thrive or may fail, and the past years have been full of technical innovations That appeared and grew at a rapid pace.

The year 2022 is expected to take a step forward in taking these innovations to the next level and introducing the new to the digital world, turning everything that is impossible into possible. And because getting to know technological innovations and innovations is in itself food for the mind, and because the world of technology is a changing world and no one who stays isolated from the latest innovations and technologies can survive, we offer you our expectations for the technologies that will dominate the digital market in 2022 to keep you informed of everything new.

The growth and prosperity of the NFT market

It began as a way to formalize ownership of digital art as a painting, song, photo, etc., and then expanded to include other types of digital property, including virtual real estate in the digital world or even some special equipment in a video game. 2021 saw a big wave From sales of NFTs this wave will continue and 2022 will be a year in which NFTs will outpace traditional holdings, and we will likely see them break into different areas and be an essential part of the digital economy.


Although it faced some challenges in 2021 due to carbon emissions, some restrictions on mining operations, and Elon Musk’s moody mood towards bitcoin, cryptocurrencies are expected to be the center of global financial activities in 2022. Next year we will witness a significant expansion of the use of cryptocurrencies from Before many industries, and as El Salvador in September 2021 considered Bitcoin its legal currency, it is expected that many countries will follow in its footsteps in 2022. That is, digital currencies will maintain their solid position in the digital world and complement the success they have achieved in recent years.

Internet of the senses

While dealing with digital content or services in the current year and past years, we found that it stimulates two of our senses, hearing and sight, but this will become a thing of the past. Involve us in their content by stimulating the rest of our senses (touch, smell, taste).

In fact, we are not talking about science fiction. We have already seen the world of metaphysics that Mark Zuckerberg presented to us as his virtual paradise, and how to develop gloves that transfer the feeling of touching objects in the virtual world to your hand to make them look like physical objects on the ground.

That is why we do not see that the Internet of the senses is something out of reach, but that it will begin to flourish in the coming years, to reach this stage where we interact with technology through our senses without the need to use our phones, which will become a thing of the past in the coming years.

5G networks spread

In fact, if there is one thing that will continue to evolve over time, it is Internet speeds, as the number of global 5G connections has tripled to 670 million in 2021, and this number is expected to reach one billion next year, so that 2022 will be the year of the real spread of networks 5G that paves the way for a reliable and ultra-fast digital world.

As the adoption of 5G will outperform 4G, the demand for products that support this technology will increase, which will help in countless areas including support for IoT services, semi-transportation, drones, virtual reality, 3D robotic control, and remote medical control that previous technologies were not capable of on tackling it and many more.

Currently, Qualcomm, Ericsson, Samsung, Huawei are major players in the 5G market that is expected to spread to cover the entire United States of America and expand to other countries this year and by 2025 5G technology will have covered a third of the world’s population.

cyber security

Hackers will not stop trying to illegally access users’ data and steal their personal information by exploiting vulnerabilities in systems and programs bypassing the most difficult security measures, and with the expansion of the Internet of Things increasingly, our information is everywhere. In these cases, there is a need to develop cybersecurity to prevent any penetration of user accounts, and therefore cybersecurity will be more important in 2022 than ever before, and we will see defensive cybersecurity services enter greater aspects of our digital lives, and the need and demand for cybersecurity personnel around the world will increase during the course of the year. the coming years.

Programming without code

Due to the increasing need to create applications for various companies, small and large, and even for individuals, and because the limited knowledge of multiple programming languages ​​was an obstacle to that, everyone always resorts to teams of developers to do this task, the trend in 2022 will be programming without code as well Code-based programming, by developing software that relies on visual elements rather than code so that the technology is accessible to everyone.

In fact, this technology has already begun to spread, as many platforms have appeared that help in developing applications and websites without the need for any programming knowledge, and it is expected that these technologies will spread more in the future to become more popular among users.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been able to affect our daily lives and our dependence on it has increased significantly, and in the next year and beyond, artificial intelligence will expand its field of influence to include its technologies in broader areas, including health care, cyber security and many others. We will even ask ourselves in 2022: Is there an area that does not need technologies Artificial intelligence! And if you think that creativity is a human skill, thanks to artificial intelligence, you will see great opportunities for machines to be as creative as humans.

Augmented reality and virtual reality AR/VR

Augmented reality headsets have become a staple on the International Space Station and are used for everything from controlling robots and performing maintenance to training in space. Paint and try on clothes before you buy them all without leaving your place. In return, Oculus sold about two million Quest 2 headphones during 2021 and Apple plans to introduce its own headphones and smart glasses in 2022.

All of this tells us of a bright present for XR mixed reality and a brighter future, so VR/AR is likely to be one of the biggest trends in the tech world next year and beyond, becoming more widely available, more realistic than ever, and entering different areas of our lives such as medicine. Education, gaming, healthcare, business and more thanks to artificial intelligence, 5G technology and other supporting technologies. Get ready in 2022 to see the wonders of VR/AR technologies that will surprise the whole world.

Internet of Things IoT

This technology has revolutionized the world from smart cars to wearable devices such as smart watches, TVs, smartphones, etc., and has made the Internet an integral part of our lives. The Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which is most responsible for this intelligent interconnection, has become a popular topic and a technology known for its endless wonders.

In healthcare, wearable smart device applications to track symptoms of Covid-19 have been a much-needed innovation and smart wearable devices have become an essential tool for monitoring various aspects of human health (heart rate, blood pressure, etc.) and some other innovations have contributed to the assessment of patients. Remotely, and in the field of industry, it had a pivotal role in improving the performance of companies, increasing their profits and providing better services to their customers, as well as having an impact on many other areas. Thanks to the development of artificial intelligence and the launch and adoption of 5G technology, we expect in 2022 to witness an unprecedented expansion of the Internet of Things and technologies based on it, and growth that will not slow down.

medical robots

For two years, robots have stood alongside humans in the Corona pandemic and helped medical personnel in many tasks, which leads us to expect to see more robots in many medical sectors in 2022, especially the surgery and rehabilitation sector, and the discovery and treatment of tumors. Where medical robots will work alongside humans to reduce the risk of infection and disease, reduce the possibility of surgical error and many other tasks.

This is not all, but during the next year we will witness the brilliance of metavirs and the continued development of blockchain technology and focus on nanotechnology, 3D printing and other other technologies, and this is what prompts us to say that 2022 will be a promising year with the latest technologies to announce the beginning of the era of the actual birth of virtual life. Even the unexpected will happen during it and prepare for the surprises that it will bring.

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