The startup called “Inrupt”, founded by Tim Berners-Lee to redesign the way the global network works, expands its operational team and launches groundbreaking projects in its quest to develop a widely scalable technology platform.

This comes after the company raised a large amount of money, more than $ 10 million last year, from technology companies, institutions and interested individuals to finance the development of the company.

“There is interest from open source developers, business people, technology company executives, and government officials to support Inrupt’s mission to decentralize the web and restore power to users,” said Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web in 1989.

The inventor of the World Wide Web wrote in a post: “Inrupt must now focus on the complexities of converting its so-called Solid (linked social data) technology to a scalable platform, and we must tackle critical privacy, trust, and security issues in order for the world to test the true value of the web that We build it. ”

Inrupt hired five eminent technologists to tackle the new challenges, including Bruce Schneier, a veteran crypto expert who believes in Tim Berners-Lee’s vision to create a new paradigm to challenge the digital feudalisation of big tech companies.

He added: “The problem is that your data is not under your control, rather that it is on computers owned by many other people, and you have no control over it, and you cannot access it in ways that are beneficial to you.”

The encryption expert indicated that it is difficult to establish authentication processes to enable Solid technology Of work on a large scale, but he was convinced that this could be achieved.

The company is also working with the Greater Manchester Common Authority (GMCA) in the United Kingdom to pilot an innovative application called “Early Years”, which numbers health care records for children up to the age of 2.5.

The Solid Project aims to make a fundamental change in the way web applications work today, allowing users to have full control of their data, including access control and storage location, in addition to improving privacy, by developing a decentralized platform that is under the control of users rather than controlled by Before other entities.

Some technology companies exclude Solid technology as an academic project that is highly unlikely to succeed because users rely on existing data platforms.

But some of the biggest technology companies, including Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft, publicly support the data transfer project, which was launched in 2018 to help create an open source data transfer platform that can integrate with Solid.

It is reported that Inrupt was founded in 2017 to activate Solid Decentralization technology, which was developed by the Tim Berners-Lee team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Source : Inrupt

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