It is reported that the social networking giant Facebook has continued with Netflix, Disney, Amazon, Hulu, HBO and other media companies to get support for the development of broadcast services on its new device to make video calls from televisions, which is supposed to be launched this fall.

According to the project documents, the device uses the same visual communication technology as the Smart Home Speaker equipped with Facebook cameras, which is called Portal.

The new device, internally called Catalina, comes with real-time video and streaming services, like other TV platforms such as Apple TV, Roku or Fire TV.

Last year’s news reports revealed Facebook’s plans to make a TV-connected device, but without reporting the company’s approach to media companies and its plans for the release date in the fall.

Andrew Bosworth, Facebook vice president for enhanced and virtual reality, said: “We have a lot to unveil later this fall in terms of its brand.

Source : theinformation

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