Despite frequent scandals, breaches of privacy and disruption of service, Facebook saw an increase in users interaction and participation during the first half of 2019, according to the company’s own tools provided to advertisers.

The rise is a good news before Facebook publishes its second-quarter earnings report, which comes after congressional hearings on the company’s proposal to launch an encrypted digital currency called Libra.

Facebook saw an increase in interaction and participation by users, precisely in the average number of comments; and responses; and ads that users clicked on the platform between January and July, according to Audience Insights.

The average monthly participation in the United States between January 3 and July 18 rose as follows :

– Published comments rose from 6 to 8.
– The impressive posts rose from 9 to 13.
– Clicked ads increased from 13 to 17.

While the average monthly increase was worldwide :

– Published comments rose from 4 to 5.
– The impressive posts rose from 9 to 13.
– Clicked ads rose from 8 to 11.

Facebook says it has 2.7 billion users a month via its set of platforms, including 1.56 billion daily users on Facebook, but the company has seen a slowdown in its growth in key markets, including the United States and Europe. The company said in April: The story feature has more than 500 million users daily.

Source : Facebook

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