Google has announced that it is in the process of introducing new artificial intelligence features to the Google Lens platform (Google Lens), allowing users to search the Google Photos library (Google Photos) for the text that appears within the images and screenshots.

According to the company, after a text search, users can easily copy and paste it into a note, document, or form using Google Lens.

The Google Photos search function is a powerful tool that lets you find certain objects, locations, pets, events, or even people in your shots with some artificial intelligence, but it is now smarter.

The Google Lens platform has a powerful OCR filter that can pull text from any image and is available in Google Photos.

As mentioned in Google’s tweet, the feature is being rolled out this month, with access to some Android device users and web version users.

Google Photos text search is ideal for documents, wireless network passwords, and anything else that the user has saved by taking a picture. As soon as the desired image appears after the search, Google advises users to click the (Google Lens) button to copy and paste the text easily.

Source : Google’s tweet

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