Google announced new enhancements to Flutter in the Spring 2020 update. The company used the opportunity to announce changes in developer use of its framework. According to Google, the use of Flutter continues to grow rapidly, with more than two million developers having used Flutter in the sixteen months that have passed since its release at the Google I / O 2018 conference.

This information was probably expected during Google I / O 2020, which was scheduled from May 12 to 14, that Google decided in March to cancel completely because of the health emergency related to Covid-19.

Flutter is a cross-platform user interface framework from Google. It is one of the increasingly popular cross-platform development solutions. It allows you to write user interface code in Dart, which is then compiled to create native applications for Android, iOS and the Web. In addition to that, it displays a hot reload development cycle and comes with a variety of predefined widgets (by Google).

Flutter is a framework like React Native from Facebook and Xamarin from Microsoft, which also allow developers to create native cross-platform applications. Cross-platform solutions significantly reduce the work time for developers and the deployment costs for businesses. According to Stack Overflow’s 2019 developer survey, React Native is the most used, followed by Xamarin and Flutter.

Some other interesting statistics:

  • 60% of you are developing with Windows, 27% are using macOS, and 13% are using Linux.
  • 35% of you work for a startup, 26% are enterprise developers, 19% are self-employed, and 7% work for design agencies.
  • 78% of Flutter developers use the stable channel, 11% use beta, and 11% use either dev or master.
  • The top five territories for Flutter are India, China, the United States, the EU, and Brazil.
  • There are approximately 50,000 Flutter apps published in the Play Store, with nearly 10,000 uploaded in the last month alone.
  • The most popular framework packages used in Flutter apps are http, shared_preferences, intl, meta, path_provider and pedantic.
  • The most popular third-party packages used in Flutter apps are provider, rxdart, cached_network_image, sqflite, font_awesome_flutter and flutter_launcher_icons.

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