Samsung added support for Bitcoin cryptocurrency features in its blockchain keystore, according to updated information on the Samsung developer website. So Samsung supports Bitcoin within its key wallet

Samsung has integrated Bitcoin functionality on its blockchain smartphones; and the move comes months after the launch of the Galaxy S10 with the Blockchain Keystore portfolio.

The use of these keys is vital for many decentralized applications (dapps) as well as for storing cryptocurrency keys. Support is currently limited to S10 and Note 10 devices, including Galaxy S10e; S10; S10 +; S10 5G; Note 10; and + Note10).

Samsung unveiled its blockchain keystore for the first time earlier this year, which currently includes 17 decentralized applications. Support is only available to customers in Canada; Germany; South Korea; Spain; Switzerland; the United States and the United Kingdom.

The information suggested that the company would start supporting Bitcoin, after the portfolio supported Ethereum. At the time of its release, the portfolio supported a small number of small ERC20 tokens that were mostly unhelpful in the real world.

There were reports earlier this year that Samsung was developing its own BlockChain network based on the main Ethereum network.

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Source : Sumsung

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