Adobe on Monday officially launched Photoshop for Apple iPads, nearly a year after it was announced. The announcement was made during the annual Max Design Conference held by the American company, and published a blog post celebrating the launch of the first version of the application for iPads, in addition to services and other applications.

Adobe has redesigned the Photoshop application to be compatible with mobile devices, and contains many of the basic tools offered by the desktop version of the software, including tools for creating, retouching, and masks. While the new app doesn’t offer all the benefits, the company promised to add more later.

While some features that are thought to be important to iPad users, such as support for the Pen tool, or the timeline for moving animations, are not available in the new application, but Adobe indicated that the application supports Photoshop PSD files within its cloud service, which makes it easier to synchronize Files between the Tablet PC, and desktop computers.

Product manager for Photoshop said in a post on Adobe’s blog: “This is the beginning.” “The first version of Photoshop on iPad focuses on common tasks and workflows that we know, which will be useful to most Photoshop users.”

Photoshop for iPad comes with a toolbar on the left side, where there are tools, such as brush, print, clone stamp, restoration brush, Lasso tool. On the right side, there are layer panels, along with image editing tools, such as brightness, contrast, tonal, saturation, and levels. There are also paintings to make edits to photos.

The new Photoshop app is only available free of charge to Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers, and others have to register and get a subscription to the service, the cheapest of which is $ 9.99 a month for Photoshop and Lightroom.

Adobe has promised to release updates to the iPad’s Photoshop app at the same pace as other Creative Cloud apps on desktops.

Source : Adobe

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