Software development is one of the most important fields of work around the world. This is due to the continuous technical development and the great dependence on software and systems from governments, companies and individuals, and the role of software developers is the primary role in developing these systems.

Many people think that software developers are only working on writing code and developing programs and applications. But this is no longer true. At least for now. As their tasks have increased significantly in previous years, which is normal due to the integration of technological fields with the business sector.

Today, software developers are forced to understand additional dimensions of business sectors. In addition to modern communication techniques and collaborative work.

Software development field has changed

Developers now need to manage and participate in project planning. In addition to their need to constantly communicate with people who are not working in the field of information technology from the ground up. Which requires them to be able to explain to non-specialists.

The need for this change has emerged after the continuous failure of many programs. There are companies that have invested millions of dollars and years of work in software and systems, and after completion they are not as good as it should be.

Software developers have been blamed on more than one hand. This is because they have not been able to properly share the level of development progress. This affected management expectations and long-term plans.

Usually, software developers define a business plan and objectives for the application. While the developers are content to work on programming and preparing it for launch. Here, communication must occur between the administrative and technological sectors.

Software developers now and then

Software developers can be classified into two types. The first type is the traditional developer, who is proficient in programming languages ​​and methods and can actually provide solutions to problems through their software.

The second type is the contemporary software developer, who masters everything that the traditional developer masters in addition to his understanding of the business sector and his possession of the skills required in administrative and commercial work.

At the present time, many programming methods and methods have emerged, which have made software developers in general and those with programming expertise in particular able to develop software without the need to master entire programming languages.

These methods will not threaten the software development profession, on the contrary, these methods will make the workflow easier and smoother, but on the other hand, they will increase the need to acquire business and management skills due to the diminishing importance of programming skills, albeit relatively.

Software Development via Low-Code

The concept of Low-Code in software development is one based on automation. This technology makes a large part of the applications run automatically. This will, of course, reduce reliance on code written by programmers.

This technology is a double-edged sword, as it will facilitate the work of developers on the one hand, but – as mentioned previously – it reduces the importance of writing code manually, and it will constitute an entrance for non-professionals in the field of programming,

This type of programming is not born yesterday. It’s been around for a while, but it has garnered attention from all sides in previous years, especially after Gartner said that 75% of large companies will use at least 4 Low-Code tools before 2025.

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