Google has released its 77th version of its web browser, Google Chrome for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS, which includes new performance metrics. Although there are many visible changes this time around, Google offers a new webpage to devices, as right-clicking on the link shows a new menu that lets you send links to other Chrome devices.

The feature has begun to appear on Windows, Android, and iOS versions, but it does not appear to exist on macOS yet. If you’re using Google Chrome on iOS, you’ll need to open the app to approve the message and you’ll see a prompt to accept the Send tab.

Chrome has long supported the ability to browse open and modern tabs across multiple devices, but this Send to Device feature makes things faster if the user switches from browsing on a desktop or laptop to the phone or vice versa.

The new version of the browser includes improvements to protect cross-site data, such as cookies; and HTTP resources, in websites controlled by attackers.

Site isolation will now be enabled on some Android devices for sites where mobile users enter passwords.

The new version of Google Chrome has an updated experience to prepare new users with popular Google services, such as Gmail; YouTube; translation; and maps.

With more than a billion users, Google Chrome is a major browser and platform for web developers to keep in mind, and developers often need to know what is available under the additions and changes that typically occur in Chrome.

Source : Google

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